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Training & Learning Journeys

Your leadership and organizational development happen in all kinds of ways. I can help you lead differently through curriculum-based learning journeys and training workshops that are interactive and ask you to reimagine how power shows up, in your life and your leadership.

Learning Journeys

Equity from the Inside Out

6 Sessions1 session training

Get the support you need to create a healthy, inclusive, and equity-driven workplace culture. Coaching packages are highly personalized to your needs, budget, and approach.

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This is for folx who:

  • Are a White-identified leader
  • Are struggling to figure out what to do when it comes to DEI
  • Understand their leadership role in creating transformative change in the workplace
  • Are ready to do their inner work

"I’ll help you to do the inner work required to shift your awareness, behaviours, and mindset so that you can build more connection and trust with your team and repair the power imbalances and inequities that exist in your workplace."

Reimagining Power: Gender, Leadership and Change

6 Sessions1 session training

A six-session embodied learning journey for people in leadership who identify as women, transgender or non-binary to explore relationships to power.

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This is for folx who:

  • Identify as women, trans or non-binary and are in leadership roles.
  • Feel unsure of how to step into power in helpful ways.
  • Want to radically reimagine power as transformative for self, organization and systems.
  • Are interested in using positional power for equity and social justice.

“It was a life-changing experience, professionally and personally. As a visible minority immigrant woman in a leadership role, I used to doubt my ability to help level the power plane and let my voice be heard. The workshop gifted me a new lens to look at power and power dynamics, and it strengthened my courage and strategy as a leader and advocate for other newcomers and immigrants.”


Grappling with the Legacy of Whiteness

6 Sessions1 session training

A six-session guided exploration of how to do DEI (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion) work meaningfully, plus one individual coaching session.

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This is for folx who:

  • Lead in a predominantly white workplace.
  • Are unsure how to take DEI theory into practice.
  • Want to move beyond performative culture.
  • Are on the path of doing DEI work but are running out of steam.

"This program was the bridge I needed to help me move from awareness into action mindset. It built my courage and helped me to drop my armour. Being able to talk about our beliefs and barriers unlocked something in me as a white leader."

Janet Frood, CEO Horizon Leadership Institute


Unpacking Gender Bias in the Workplace

6 sessions learning journey1 Session

A workshop designed to build your understanding of what unconscious gender bias is, how to recognize and counter it, and how gender bias intersects with age, sexual orientation and race.

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This is for folx who:

  • Want to understand how gender bias shows up at work.
  • Need tools to mitigate bias due to gender or gender identity.
  • Seek an open and honest conversation about gender bias – and what it means for your organization and people.

“…with the knowledge and guidance provided to us by Dr. AnnaLise Trudell and Louise Pitre, we were able to take a constructive first step along our journey towards building a more diverse and inclusive work environment.”

Sabrina Lombardi, McKenzie Lake Lawyers LLP

"I had the pleasure of both working alongside Louise and participating in an amazing workshop she co-facilitated. The common experience I have in both environments with Louise is genuineness, igniting bravery, creating safe spaces to grow, and absolute humble brilliance. Louise is an amazing person to learn from and create change with. Her ability to create space for creativity and growth is one I haven’t experienced before. I cannot wait to have the opportunity to work with Louise again."

Crystal Fach
Founder, DiversityEd - Safer Spaces

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Discover how you can navigate today’s workplace challenges through my customizable training and learning journeys.

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