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I partner with exceptional consultants who share their knowledge and expertise to build leadership training and programs.

Joe Antone

Principal Consultant atAntone Consulting
Director of Indigenous Health Strategy for Ontario Health West. 


Joe Antone MSW, RSW is Haudenosaunee from Oneida Nation of the Thames. Joe is a devoted father of two and a grateful partner to his wife Ashley. Joe is the Principal Consultant at Antone Consulting, and is the Director of Indigenous Health Strategy for Ontario Health West. 

Joe’s professional experience includes clinical and leadership roles within Indigenous and non-Indigenous health service and health system organizations. This background provides Joe with a multi-tiered and comprehensive understanding of how to apply equity and cultural safety principles within organizations to improve the experience of equity deserving clients and employees. Joe’s mixed ethnicity and lived experience allow him to operate through a “two-eyed seeing” lens, enabling him to effectively access and leverage both Indigenous and Western Knowledge bases in his work. Using the concepts of equity, justice, and cultural safety as pillars in his work, Joe’s areas of focus include Indigenous health and healing, systems transformation, equity-focused organizational change, mental health and addictions, and community development. 

Outside of work, Joe loves to cook for his family, fish, golf, play with his kids, watch football, and to be in nature. 

Indy Batth

Director of ikb Coaching & Consulting.


With 14 years as a coach, and over 20 years as an educator and facilitator, Indy holds space for learning, liberation, and healing. Applying a relational, decolonized mindset to leadership development, supporting individuals, teams and organizations, she integrates a focus on the inner emotional state with the outer state, individual work with structural and systemic work. She specializes in emotional and power intelligence and wellbeing of leaders, and the structural work required to cultivate psychological safety, equity, inclusion, and belonging. Clients are supported to slow down, be mindful and shift from reactive to creative. She is committed to and passionate about igniting both the heart and the warrior in individuals, teams and organizations in service of culture shifts, and a better world.

Indy holds an M.A. in Education, is a Certified Executive Coach (PCC) and also has advanced training in neuroscience and team/systems coaching and facilitation. Indy identifies as an immigrant settler living on the unceded (stolen) and traditional territories of the Coast Salish peoples, specifically the QayQayt First Nations.

Crystal Fach (Giizhik)

Executive Director and Founder of Diversity Ed. - Safer Spaces Canada


Crystal is an Indigiqueer/ Non-Binary Person. Crystal has been in leadership roles within multiple gender and sexual diverse organizations across Ontario. Crystal has a history of both community and political based advocacy for over 15+ years. Crystal has worked as an educator and frontline worker within 2SLGBTQAI+ and the Gender-Based Violence sectors.

Crystal is a national educator who has worked to create safer spaces for 2SLGBTQAI+ people through education, policy review and facility audits through an intersectional and anti-racist lens within multiple Ontario Health Teams, hospitals, community-based organizations, schools, large corporations and the private sector.

Carolyn Holdsworth

Administrator and Consultant


A professional administrator for over 20 years, Carolyn Holdsworth helps creatives and entrepreneurs get on top of their business admin, so they can stop feeling guilty about all the to-dos they haven't done and start doing more of the work they love.

Carolyn has supported small teams in university, corporate, and nonprofit settings. Outside of the office, she has taught part-time for the Office Administration program at Fanshawe College, worked as a freelance editor for a start-up company, and launched her own creative business. Carolyn’s unique combination of high-level administrative knowledge, freelance experience, and creative business acumen is the ideal skill set for supporting creatives and entrepreneurs who want to stay a business of one, without the burnout.

Gail Jacob Barker

President of Stellar Coaching & Consulting


For almost 20 years, Gail has been coaching clients to discover and create their own, meaningful experiences of success. At the heart of this work, Gail’s focus is on supporting leaders and aspiring leaders to build strong, respectful, inclusive teams in which honesty, vulnerability and bravery are valued and honored. Her focus is on finding paths of ease even amid extreme challenge.

Gail is the founder and president of Stellar Coaching & Consulting (founded in 2003), and a Front of Room Leader for the Co-Active Training Institute, training coaches, consultants and others in the Co-Active coaching model. She is also a part-time Senior Program Lead on the Faculty Development Team at CTI.

Gail is the author of What Matters Now: Lessons on Living with Ease (published 2015), and former host of the radio show Your Life, Your Way which aired on 106.9, The X for 10 years.

Emma Richard

Graphic Facilitator & Illustrator


A storyteller at heart, Emma Richard is a graphic recorder and illustrator. In her work, Emma combines her capacity for deep listening with her love of the arts, to capture the wisdom held by individuals and teams, make it visible, reflect it back to them, and ultimately propel them forward.

Since 2018, Emma’s work as a graphic recorder has spanned from witnessing one-on-one coaching sessions to capturing keynote addresses at large-scale conferences. Emma has also used graphic recording as a tool to document active workshops in real time for nonprofit leadership teams, small grassroots collectives, and entire organizations. She uses her astute listening skills, along with intuition and design, to catch stories as they emerge and transfer them onto the paper or digital canvas. (As an illustrator, Emma also works closely with clients to create visual assets that capture everything from lengthy reports to abstract concepts.) The graphic recordings and illustrations that Emma creates can be used to stimulate conversation in groups, engage in personal reflection, and help knowledge be mobilized and understood in a more deep and digestible way.

Brook Thorndycraft

MA, B.Ed., Q.Med
Mediator, Coach, Facilitator, and Organizational Consultant


Brook Thorndycraft is a Mediator, Coach, Facilitator, and Organizational Consultant. She has 17 years’ experience in the areas of conflict transformation, organizational change, adult and experiential education, and relational leadership.

Brook mediates a range of organizational conflicts and coaches people who want to build their capacity to engage in conflict effectively, and to become aware of their own use of power.

AnnaLise Trudell

Manager of Education, Training & Research at Anova


Dr. AnnaLise Trudell is a gender-equity consultant and the manager of Education, Training & Research at Anova, the gender-based violence shelter and sexual assault centre in London Ontario. She brings extensive analysis of the causes and impacts of gender inequity and of prevention programming through her doctoral and postdoctoral research at Western University. With a focus on curriculum development, facilitation and evaluation, she is a seasoned trainer with over 800 lectures and trainings.

She brings exceptional research expertise focused on examining equity and social inclusion using various research and evaluative methodologies. Her lived experience as a queer woman and mother has provided her with insight on the challenges faced by many queer and marginalized individuals in obtaining inclusive services and supports and feeling safe and welcome in our communities, driving her passion for social change.