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By tapping into resilience, creativity, and your team's collective intelligence, together we can create the shift you seek. I offer personalized coaching to leaders, teams, and cross-sector collaborations. By using a Relationship Systems Intelligence™ approach that focuses on the web of connection between members of the team or system of people, I work with individuals and groups to create frameworks for deep equity and inclusive workplaces.

Leadership Coaching

Are you tired of the old leadership style? The top-down kind that’s rooted in dominant power and limits or marginalizes? I can help you develop a more life-affirming, ethical and relational form of leadership.

Whether you’re a new leader or an established executive, there is always an opportunity to look within to see how you use power and to increase awareness of your leadership effectiveness and impact.

Together, we’ll expand your understanding of power, privilege, and oppression.

This coaching is for:

  • Executive leaders
  • Middle management
  • Emergent leaders
  • Leaders in transition

Team Coaching

Whether a team or collaborative, you’re in a relationship system where everything and everyone is connected.

My team coaching uses a systems approach to help you see the whole, make meaning of what’s happening on your team, and find ways forward together.

This form of coaching tends to the relationships within your team and is a good fit if you’re in need of increased collaboration or innovation, or want to address toxicity and learn to navigate conflict.

This coaching is for:

  • Leadership and board teams
  • Program teams
  • Cross-sectoral collaboratives
  • Group community initatives
“Louise is a community builder who works with you to dismantle oppressive systems. Her significant theoretical and practical knowledge in the field is invaluable and has helped me advance my leadership ability. As a racialized leader, Louise supported my growth by creating space for me to show up authentically and advance equity in my workplace. In the community, you can find Louise elevating and advocating for equity-deserving communities.”

Samantha Matty RSW, MSW

Let’s work together

Grounded in principles of inclusion, creativity and courage, my customizable coaching can help you rise to the leadership challenges of today and tomorrow.

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