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Facilitation & Consulting

Whether you’re a team stuck in a dynamic of “us vs. them” or an organization figuring out how to reset and find your way back to each other, I specialize in facilitation and consulting that enables you to see your power, know your impact and live out your mission. Through my retreats or by using large group processes like Deep Democracy or learning circles, developing healing rituals or arts-based strategies, together we will transform power to create more inclusive workplaces.

Workplace Culture & Power

Having baseline data of your workplace culture’s health is an important investment to pinpoint internal challenges. A culture audit identifies this data and empowers us to develop effective solutions.

I approach organizational culture audits in two ways: through a custom assessment or by administering the Diamond Power Audit (DPA) created by Julie Diamond. The DPA is a culture survey that measures how employees and managers use their power – a factor that influences psychological safety, trust and teamwork, engagement, and employees’ experience of equity and inclusion.

How we'll work together

I will plan the audit launch with your team, develop a communication strategy, conduct the audit, brief leadership on the results, present the results to the team, and develop an action plan to improve your workplace culture.

Equity-Centred Leadership

I support organizations seeking to embed deep equity in their organizational culture.

Organizations that embark on this work understand that equity, diversity and inclusion efforts need to go beyond one-and-done approaches, so they become core competencies and organizational values.

I work with your organization to carve a path forward starting where you are and leveraging your strengths.

How we'll work together

Equity-Centred Leadership services include consulting and systems coaching throughout four phases: Assessment, Analysis & Meaning-Making, Implementation, and Accountability & Sustainability.

Gender Equity

If you’re an organization, profession or sport whose culture has predominantly been developed for white men, then this is for you. My specialized expertise helps organizations to address gender equity through an intersectional lens, build capacity to unpack gender bias, see how power plays out in gender bias, how to repair when a mistake is made, and how to create culture shifts.

“As an organization that’s been around for 20+ years, and with a variety of personalities and communication styles, it was important to have someone facilitate our strategy session who would ensure everyone had an opportunity to participate and contribute. Louise came highly recommended, and our expectations were high. Even so, she exceeded our expectations and brought a new understanding of our own organization – both for those who had been here a week and over 20 years.”

Jon Clemens
V.P., Sales & Marketing, rTraction

Let’s work together

Hard but tender conversations can resolve conflict and find solutions to difficult situations. My customizable facilitation and consulting can help you get there.

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