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I am committed to reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples and communities.

I acknowledge my obligation to do my part to advance truth and reconciliation.

I will do this by building leadership capacity in organizations - non-profit, government, and business - to see their power, understand their impact, and re-centre and re-distribute power to do the work of justice and equity.

I will do this by supporting leaders to disrupt oppressive and colonial practices within their organizations to create healthy organizational cultures.

I will do this by cultivating and nurturing equitable, productive, and reciprocal relationships with Indigenous partners and consultants.

I will do this by continuously listening, learning, reflecting, and adapting my ways of coaching, consulting, and being to better facilitate reconciliation. I will follow the lead and be guided by Indigenous leadership.

I will do this by speaking out when the truth isn’t being centred, speaking truth to power, and looking for ways to equalize power imbalances, even when it is uncomfortable.