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Louise Pitre's new logomark and brand identity


Blog Post

Say Hello To The New Louise Pitre Coaching & Consulting

September 19, 2023

Over the past 7 years of running this business, I’ve learned a lot — where I want to focus my efforts and how I can best help organizations and teams, how I want to approach my services (both consulting and coaching), and what values are at the centre of my offerings. Thanks to many client experiences – some different or unexpected, others juicy and challenging, and all of them rich learning experiences – I’ve found a sweet spot between the work that I love, the things that are important to me, and the support my clients want and need.

The logo started off as a maze-styled line work in the shape of a square and combined with the custom lettered initials L and P. It was a nod to the journey I invite the teams I work with to take. It evolved into a more circular design with hints of a labyrinth, evoking ancient wisdom and embodied ways of knowing that are needed today to address the complex issues organizations face. The symbolism of circularity is that the work of transformation and creating the shifts we seek is never done; that change often requires us to step away from linear systems with a clear beginning and end, and wade into the less definite journey of a circle. In the logo, there are multiple entry points to the circle just like there are multiple entry points to the work I do with my clients. I start where you are – there is no one right way to work.

This new brand is a reintroduction to Louise Pitre Coaching & Consulting. It’s the next evolution of my business, reflective of how my work has unfolded and what is now emerging. It’s me putting myself out there with more clarity and confidence.

And what does Lp stand for? Yes, those are my initials, but they stand for much more.

  • Lp stands for leadership and power, which are core to the work I do.
  • Lp also stands for love and power, necessary ingredients to create equity and justice, as articulated in Adam Kahane’s book Power and Love: A Theory and Practice of Social Change.
  • And on the days when I’m feeling more playful and creative, Lp represents a record, playing music to help you find your groove with your leadership power.

On my website homepage you’ll see the tagline “Let’s create the shift.” The heartbeat of my work is power, leadership, systems change, and theatre. No matter where I go, with whom I work, or what I do, this is my focus. So many leaders, organizations and collaboratives recognize the need for deep and transformative change to truly move the needle on equity and justice. You can’t get there unless you examine your leadership and how you do power. Only then can you begin to shift that power … in yourself, your organizational culture, and the systems. This quote from Melanie Goodchild speaks to this process beautifully:

“If you haven’t done the inner work that puts you into a position of being a humble and respectful person, then how are you going to shift big systems? It has to start with shifting this system right here.“

— Melanie Goodchild, The Promise of Healing

In the About section, you will find my values. It was tough to sum up who I am and what I believe at my core into 4 succinct statements. As you may have guessed, being succinct is not one of my values.

But I do value looking inward and showing up with heart, and I feel that this new website is a true and courageous expression of my own inner knowing – an invitation from my heart to yours to stand in curiosity …

… and get ready to shift.

Welcome to Louise Pitre Coaching & Consulting.